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Jewellery is special to people’s hearts and can last for generations.  Whether it is an heirloom piece, or your most recent fashion purchase, all fine jewellery is worth wearing!

You may have an heirloom jewellery piece that you love but are not sure what to make of it. Or perhaps a ring that was gifted to you but does not fit you properly. In many aspects, a fine jewelry piece is like a garment: it has to sit and fit you perfectly. This applies to all jewellery, whether rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

Some jewellery pieces are very dear and sentimental keepsakes linked to family or friends but they may no longer be functional for today’s lifestyle. For instance yesterday’s brooches or men's cuff links. Yet, they can be turned into unique pendant necklaces, stunning cocktail rings or an elegant pair of earrings. Their transformation will guarantee you a unique conversation jewellery piece!

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