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How do I book a consultation?

Email us to book a remote consultation. We will discuss the jewellery you want to create, if you have a deadline and what your budget is. 

This gives us a chance to find out a bit more about your goals.

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What happens during the design meeting?​

You will meet the jewellery designer who you’ll be working with through the entire process during a video meeting. If you have heirloom jewellery or loose stones you want to incorporate, this is when you’ll show us. You don’t need to know anything about jewellery, diamonds, or design (you can rely on us for that). We will discuss who the jewellery is for, what makes them special and any design ideas and inspiration you have. By the end of the meeting, we will have a solid idea of design and budget. From this we create a mood board of initial ideas and if you’d like to move forward, we ask that you put down a £500 design deposit that will go towards the final cost of your custom jewellery.

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